Julianna DeLong

04 Feb 2019

My name is Julianna DeLong and I am a third-year electrical engineering students at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. This is going to be my fourth full semester as a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon. I have held the corresponding secretary and social chair offices and currently hold the assistant candidate initiation office and have loved every second of them.

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering for multiple reasons. I have always loved circuits and electrical components through high school and continued that love during my time at Mines so far. Circuits and power distribution systems have always fascinated me and is even more now that I am taking classes on them and have had one internship that dealt with power distribution systems.


After graduation, I want to work on power distribution systems for either an aerospace company or be a contractor for the military.


I had an internship last summer at BKV Group, an architecture and engineering company, in downtown Minneapolis and worked on power distribution systems for apartment complexes and government buildings along with attending meetings with other engineers on a weekly basis. I have also accepted a co-op that starts in May and goes till December for Cargill in Blair, Nebraska and I will be working on the electrical distribution for the corn-milling plant. Although this co-op will help me financially, it still won’t help me get through this current semester.


The reason I am a good candidate for the Beta Chapter Scholarship is because I have already had three offices in this house and am so excited to have many more and keep contributing and making this house better and better. Financially, I am in some trouble. My parents have always helped me with rent, groceries, and tuition but they aren’t able to do that anymore since my dad got laid off. Now the only income they have coming in is my mom’s but that’s not enough to live off, so they’re forced to use their savings and are no longer able to help me. It’s been a struggle just to buy the necessities, I considered not buying multiple textbooks because I didn’t think I would be able to afford them, but I ended up just figuring out how to spend less each month on groceries and other school supplies to partially make up for the textbooks.


I am looking for a part time job in Rapid City to work while I am in school this semester and have submitted upward of 20 applications but haven’t heard anything back yet. I am still trying to find more jobs that I am qualified for and can work at this semester to help me out. But even with a part time job, I will still be struggling financially.


Overall, it would help me immensely if you would be able to consider me and award me this scholarship.

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